Report on Meeting in Celle

3.12.16. After our first workshop in Celle, the refugees created a WhatsApp group. The goal was to come up with an idea of a project which meets their interests and they can implement. They came up with three main ideas. The first is a children club where stories are to be read in Arabic. The second is creating supporting groups for families and women. The third is to support refugees teenagers to protect them from drugs and terrorism.

IMG_0219During the WhatsApp discussions, the refugees organised a table for refugees during the local election campaign. They organised it to say thank you to Celle “Danke Celle”. A woman, who was an Art teacher in Syria, offered art sessions for German and Arab children.

In the meeting with German volonteers in November more ideas were introduced such as a project by the VHS to conduct art sessions for refugees women to express themselves freely. Mohammad has proposed also a project to educate refugees about their rights and duties. Zakaryia presented his experience with refugees. He worked in many small projects to help refugees in their camps.

IMG_0213Germans listened carefully to what had been said so far. Many of them expressed their interest to help in some ideas. So we finalised the meeting by exchanging contacts details to select one or more projects to work on as a group. Soon, they will meet together to start the real work: projects run by refugees for refugees.

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